Previous OT Promotion

 How others promoted Occupational Therapy on October 27, 2014

-PPT, presentation

-Rally, walks and media awareness

-Using a volunteer to simulate a disability like low vision or CVA and use of AE while performing a dressing or grooming task and/or IADL like chopping vegetables for a salad. OT would provide training using verbal, tactile and visual cues for execution of tasks.

-Presentations at local rotary clubs, senior citizen centers.

-Awareness treatment scedules

-We will create a social media drive to promote the unique value and role of OT to support children’s literacy development. We will provide basic information on literacy occupations and co-occupations in the book kits that we will hand out to mothers and children in the homeless shelter.

-Tweets and sharing examples in these Twitter chats.

-By offering the specific role of OT on home adaptation, to a group of participant in university Malaya on 10.oct 2014, and on 11.10.2014 in the community. we will call out the um alumni to participate.

-By doing workshops in medical colleges and hospitals

-Through workshop in regular school

-We will be sharing our knowledge and skills with the Hand Therapist/Physiotherapist in Kathmandu, where we will exchange ideas, learn ways to effectively care for people who live in villages and with minimal resources, and help to provide for continuing use after we leave. Through these efforts, we will share our gift of caring with others who would not have the opportunity to have functional use of their hands.

-By using visual aids, ipads, leaflet and speak to people

-We will show the distinct value of occupational therapy by talking with parents as they take their children to the activities, we will hand out brochures that will educate individual on the services available and we will also be wearing OT Global Day of Service T-shirts that will show we are all a team and we will be easily identifiable.

-During the event, all volunteers will be wearing tshirts that say “OT Global Day of Service” on the front and “Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest” on the back. Also, one of the educational booths will have information about what OT is and how this population can benefit from OT services.

-We plan on having a table focused on occupational therapy’s role in mental health. The table will list local organizations that provide mental health services as well providing them with a basic knowledge of what occupational therapy is.

-We will reach out to the parents to inform them about OT and it value. We will have informational posters hung at the event and also create pamphlets to send home with the kids incorporating both OT and information regarding nutrition.

-During the event, we plan to have a poster displayed that explains occupational therapy and how occupational therapists provide intervention. We will also take any opportunity to advocate for the profession and verbally explain to individuals the value of occupational therapy. Lastly, we are sending home pamphlets with each child to summarize the information learned during the event and we will also include information about occupational therapy in this pamphlet.

-We will be promoting occupational therapy by using it as an example for our career goals. We will also try to tell the children about what we do. Additionally, we will be interacting with teachers and administrators and showing them the value of OT through our activities.

-Information sessions, bulletin boards, presentation to schools and other professional networks and service providers. Patient information sessions. Grand rounds we will be having open house and workshops plus flyers.

-Provide informative and up to date information about handwriting strategies for students with handwriting difficulties

-We will have a poster board with how OT can benefit the community and the the different forms of wellness

-In comunications

-By a presentation and some activities that we will do in our clinical practice

-We are organising an inagural function, in which OT will explain the importance of the activity for the patients

-I am submitting a newspaper article for print prior to World OT Day and on the day of, a journalist and photographer will be in attendance to capture the day’s events.

-Enhancing social and community participation is one of the core goals of occupational therapy. By providing refugees with an opportunity to engage in their new city, we are furthering the value of meaningful activity done in community with others.

-Social media, brochures and information table.

-Students from the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Penn State Shenango will be visiting our school on October 27, 2014. This date is important to us, as future practitioners, because this is OT’s Global Day of Service. We are pleased that the Hermitage School District has allowed us an invaluable opportunity to come into the school on this day and share with the third grade students our future profession. We are proud and excited to be able to participate in this event. As future Occupational Therapy Assistants, it is our responsibility to promote our profession by raising awareness on what our areas of practice are. On October 27, we will provide a brief power point presentation to your children about different disabilities that our profession provides services to. Most schools are promoting disability awareness as part of their anti-bullying programs; therefore, we feel our presentation will help reinforce this concept to students.

-Educative and interactive sessions.

-Through circulation of leaf lets

-Through addressing concepts.

-We will provide a short presentation, but mainly it will be demonstrated through the valuable occupation of cooking and sharing a meal with the residents of the home.

-We will try to let people know about the values of occupational therapy by promotion within our community, in our University, on social networks, in social assistance centers for children with disabilities.

-We plan to spread the word about Occupational Therapy on OT Global Day of Service and let people know what a positive impact OT’s can make on people’s lives!!

How others promoted Occupational Therapy on October 27, 2013

-Spread awareness through word of mouth, make posters, wear OT gear, hand out flyers

-They can send me their email and I will send my detailed services which I provide.

-Camps, posters, street play and media interactions.

-Through mails and facebook event

-by arranging a seminar about awarness of occupational therapy.

-Street play, symposium and lectures

-our room in hospital is in front of physical therapists room, so some times we met them and talk to them,I told them about occupational therapy and its effects on their treatment.I tried to suggest different ways and consulting to them.I like to effort them about my consults and ways and helping them to ask whats your job?then I would tell them that Iam a occupational therapist!!! in other hand, I tried to show my works abilities in different aspects of treatment & show the widening of occupational therapy services.

-Give other facilities for student to attend congress and event about occupational therapy because in Indonesia we are have limited information and link abut that. Indonesia need delegated and promoting to our people abaout occupational therapy

-Through social media (facebook) , through private patients, awareness programs at different college levels.

-Volunteer with Autism Speaks; Booth at festival. Provide information on FB

-Will wear our OT uniform and make it in the OT / Arts & Crafts Room.

-i try to tell people about Ocupational Therapy as much as possible and make community based activities so people get more engaged with our proffesion.

-we will wear the OT uniform with the University logo

-We will be signing the cards from the occupational therapy program and maybe include examples of what we can offer the individuals.

-We will be having an article published in a local newspaper in Ormoc City, Philippines regarding the profession, my practice in the city and about world OT day apart from the day-long free OT screening and evaluations we will be providing.

-by Rayher & Study circle OT mailing lists, press release, journalist who will be at the event and write an article, visitors at the store

-We will wear shirts from our occupational therapy graduate program, and will bring signs explaining occupational therapy, which we will use for photo ops.

-we will be wearing special occupational therapy shirts and white caps

-When meeting new people, I introduce myself as an occupational therapy graduate student and explain what occupational therapy is, what I do currently and what I plan on doing once I graduate. I find it important to share what occupational therapy is and provide people with a correct and valid definition of occupational therapy. In simple terms I usually say “occupational therapists help people do the things they need and want to do” and I explain occupation as “any task or activity that has meaning to you.” These two definitions are simple and easy for people to understand.

-We will have OT global day of service t-shirts to wear at our event, we also have a board to decorate with the activities we will be doing and what OT is, we are also handing out flyers to residents.

-Wear our Student of Occupational Therapy badges -Introduce as OT students -Explain to the staff and residents how each activity will help the residents in their daily occupations

-We are all known to the service as Occupational Therapists. The day aims to give participants insight into the occupational perspective – process behind our group, the power of occupation for developing the self-esteem of young people. The day as a whole will demonstrate the value of occupational therapy to the service in question.

-We will be explaining what OT is, and how it can be beneficial for the community.

-Primarily occupational therapy audience

-customised T-shirts and banners

-The OT Team will be wearing OT shirts. I will advertise on my hospital website, FB, Twitter and local radio spots.Flyers will be emailed to local Senior Centers, ALF and posted in Starbucks!

-we use posters and educational unites.

-This audience is for OTs to encourage them to provided community services and increase OTs visibility

-Through various mediums, including social media (both individual and organisation), speaking with clients and customers etc

-I will wear a name badge, talk with other parent volunteers and teachers, and hand out business cards.

-We plan to inform people on who we are by hosting fundraising events such as bowling fundraisers and restaurant nights, presenting at local high schools educating students, visiting hospitals, and host our annual Occupational Therapy Advocate & Educate 2-day Conference open to anyone interested!

-leaflets will be avaliable, presonal promotion needs of the individual

-A regulatory envirnoment , culture of innovation that supports therapies for all disorders.

-We plan to wear our Student Occupational Therapist badges and also at the beginning of the event to introduce ourselves and why we are there. As the stations are going on we plan to be interacting with the residents and this will give us the opportunity to let them know who we are and why we are there.

-We will introduce ourselves at each site as being occupational therapy students from The Ohio State University. Although we’ve visited many of the sites in the past, we will discuss the role of occupational therapy as it applies to that setting. We will discuss how OT helps individuals live their lives to the fullest, allowing them to engage in the activities that are meaningful to them.

-internal university email and flyers alerting them to seven projects I’ve identified in the Los Angeles county area

-BY Leaf let, On electonic media, newspaper, presentation.

-We plan to let people know we are OT students in the following ways: 1. Flyers to advertise the donation drive that the OT students are holding 2. Labels on collection items stating, “Donations collected from Occupational Therapy Students at The University of Findlay” 3. Infuse brochures that provide information to help individuals in the shelter (ie: coping strategies, external resources, etc). 4. Explain the various services OT can provide to people living in these circumstances. 5. Potentially set up an experienced OT in mental health to serve as a guest speaker in the shelter.

-By wearing our OT uniform and making the activity at the OT department outdoors.

-Poster presentation topic will be such as it will show in which all fields OT works and their benefits and importance. Mini movies will show the actual OT process and encourage the junior college children to take admissions in OT schools for their graduation by handouts and awareness among them.

-We will be wearing OT stickers, posters, Powerpoint playing continuously re: history of OT, development of OT in this particular hospital, relay races and games using OT treatment to demo OT work, email circular of event, invitation to local university OT students to join event, OT Tea and Cake serving

-i will go up to people and inform them that i’m an OT student

-We will wear our OT uniform. The activities will be held in the OT room not in the PT’s or the music room. And for our job, the happiness on the children’s faces will let their parents and families realize how important Occupational Therapy is.

-I have established networking links with local teachers/schools, pediatricians, general physicians who pass my business card or through word of mouth

-Try to get an article printed in a newspaper

-Facebook page or event, poster in the center, and educational moving sessions

-By rendering services such as developmental gross and fine motor skills evaluation and assessment…too many to mention.

-Many many opportunities occur daily

-Through FB, Twitter, verbally, etc.

-By screening out special children from young population simply by keen observation ,then examing or cross verifyng using standardised assessmnt tools,by gving guidance to parents about certain abnormal characterstic which r diverting frm age approproiate skills,by counselling as many no of parents and by giving targetd intervention with proper results or improvement can easily felt by parents upto their expectations.

-Advertising through community poster, partnership with government and ngo’s, website

-Through group activities: visit schools, Community women group Group with parent of children with disabilities

-I will introduce myself and that I am an OT student. I will share what OT is and how it can help children.

-Promotional camps, pamphlets, media advertisement

-Telling people who I am and what I do and sharing OTGDS information with other OTs to get them involved also!

-We are planning to make brochures on different areas of OT practice which will distributed ( OT in school, OT in palliative care, OT in vocational therapy are already made and will be published again).

-Shirts with “I Am An OT”, “ask me what I do” posters, signs, etc.

-The fact that I will be tweeting using my primary Tweeter account will be a good example.

-I will do a fun activity w practical application at work

-We will be using the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot) of the department and college to document and share the OTGDS activity. We will be linking with our marketing and media partners to share the activity within the university and other possible institutions

-I plan on writing about my experiences as a mentor and applying OT theory and knowledge and how OT’s can help to make a difference and then submitting my findings to the appropriate person in charge

-Posters, bike riding event for awareness

How others promoted Occupational Therapy on October 27, 2012

1. Through brochures and banners, public talks and articles in the media (Kenya)

2. I have organised many camp in different places in the city with media and some social worker and with govt (India)

3. By wearing a shirt that has the OT explained in three to four words wearing a hat with the green OT written on wearing a name tag (Israel)

4. It will be included in my presentation when I do the introduction. (USA)

5. Facebook event on the #OTalk page. The event will be promoted via social media. (UK)

6. The association web-site, local newspapers with on-line publication. (Romania)

7. Pediatric Rehabilitation, Stroke rehabilitation & Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation are the most attractable examples. (India)

8. Posters Pubs on medias (TV Radio Newspapers) Brochures/Flyers Bagdes & Stickers (Mauritius)

9. Banners signs web logs Facebook postings designing a we page and fliers (USA)

10. Currently I’m a lecturer at the school of allied health sciences of the University of Ghana and we are starting a new OT programme. Although the Psychiatric Hospital has some experience of the roles of OT, the nation does not. I will appreciate the support to use the last week on October to organize seminars and workshops to create the awareness and importance of the role of OT in both physical and mental health. (Ghana)

11. we e-mailed them the information letter with a link to our survey – Slovenian Congress of OT is on the 27th October this year – we’re planning on contacting the media as well about World OT Day (Slovenia)

12. Seminar and information drive (The Philippines)

13. The group has designed a t-shirt to wear for the event and posters will be made for the booth. The bird feeders that the children take home will have an overarching definition of occupational therapy. During the activity, all of the members will be answering questions from family members, caregivers, and children. (USA)

14. Our group is planning on making occupational therapy T-shirts that will be worn at the event. Each piece of clothing and school supply will hace a paper attacted to it explaining what Occupational therapy is. We are also mor than welcome to answer any questions the individuals may have. (USA)

15. Occupational Therapy is one of the disciplines lost in Bahrain, but his field is open meanly in three hospitals. I want to make lectures and brochures that talking about occupational therapy and how to help people in physical, mental, social and psychological problems. I want to hold the responsibilities for that and increase the awareness in our community. (Bahrain)

16. We will use facebook & twitter to promote the event and put posters up in local colleges. We hope some of the talks we give will be in-conjunction with career evenings within college. (Malta)

17. Throughout my work and participation in many national and international trainings and events. (Lebanon)

18. yearly meetings, seminars (Switzerland)

19. I shall wear my OT pin or my tee shirt or my uniform proudly. (USA)

20. Tell about myself and my occupation and tell what are we doing with children from the point of view of accessibility (Israel)

21. We announced this event at our last district meeting and are sending email notifications to all licensed therapists that work or live within our district. Our district board has the position of Service Chair who then helps to orchestrate such events. (USA)

22. We have the conference at NJ OT schools, this year we will be at Seton Hall University. We have signs on the college campus that day regarding this specific event. We have been however promoting our conference since early summer. (USA)

23. Through Talks, seminars and events (Australia)

24. We are all wearing t-shirts that have occupational therapy on them and we are going to do activities that bring awareness of what occupational therapy does. We will talk to the residents during activities and answer any questions they may have. (USA)

25. On both days the students are planning on wearing t-shirts which have the words occupational therapy along with some message also promoting occupational therapy. When we are at the “One Matters” event, we will have a booth with our title and also different information about OT. Finally the cookies will be wrapped and a label will be attached, promoting OT. This will be something that the individuals at the “One Matters” can take with them. (USA)

26. To let people know that I am a student in Occupational Therapy I conferences in cooperation with the Tunisian Association of Occupational Therapy, I’ll posters and brochures that I will distribute to these people, I wear a t-shirt which is printed the initials of the profession …there are many others ideas. (Tunisia)

27. I will be introducing the educator and explaining the reason for having the course – which is that I do many high level ADL assessments which include tasks regarding driving. During the CarFit, I get to show adaptive equipment to assist getting in and out of a vehicle. (USA)

28. Corporate identity stands,parole of occupational therapy. Promotional T-shirt Slovenian occupational therapy, individual approach to the interested parties, demonstrations of devices. (Slovenia)

29. I have some flyers with descriptions what we do. I present myself as OT and I’ll wear t-shirt with occupational therapy slogan. And at my work I use some occupational therapy aids which we use it to help people to be independent. (Slovenia)

30. E-mail, posters, and an OT party (USA)

31. Importance of occupational therapy for deaf and hard of hearing people in the club Auris Kranj Slovenia (Slovenia)

32. I will be representing my profession, discussion what I love about being an OT, and giving an overview of educational and experience preparation for a career as an O.T. as well as discussion the needs/opportunities in the community and state. I will be wearing a name tag and may wear my vest that has the Alaska Occupational Therapy Association logo. (USA)

33. I will get the word out via social media ect, and begin to collect this vital contact information that can eventually be shared with the consumer.

34. We plan to show videos to those waiting for their turn on the day, send out flyers regarding the event to different establishments’ post on social networks like facebook regarding the event (The Philippines)

35. Newsletter, posters (The Netherlands)

36. I am educating therapists, healthcare professionals, and families in Ecuador about the importance of occupational therapy. (Ecuador)

37. Facebook, email, t.v morning program, radio interview… we have a huge networking addresses due to many organizations representative (Israel)

38. Staff, students and families know that I am their school Occupational Therapist! Informational Flyers will be sent home as well. (USA)

39. We will show OT in practise, with lots of equipment, which they will be able to experience themselves. We will also have photos of OT practice in our home, and old people who uses OT, so they will be able to speak their vision of OT in our home of elder people. (Slovenia)

40. We will develop a program to elaborate the vast aspect of ot to make people understand that how and when they will seek and what kind of benenfit they can get from ot (India)

41. We plan on wearing our Stony Brook ID badges that states our name and that we are either an OTR/L or an OTS. (USA)

42. Talk about it. (Canada)

43. As an Occupational Therapy student, I can promote OT utilizing my role as a Rotaracter. As a club, we can support and promote OT through service. (USA)

44. Students will be wearing shirts that identify the group (USA)

45. Via the link and in discussion with gym members. (USA)

46. I will wear my school occupational therapy shirt. They know I am an occupational therapy student and are comfortable with me keeping the boys because I am an this field of study. (USA)

47. we have made customized T-shirts that will be worn by participants with their ID cards as practitioners or students as the case may be (Nigeria)

48. On the podcast. We could not do it the day of 27th so this is in celebration and will be announcing the event on the Podcast. (USA)

49. Advocate for O.T and start with educating friends and near and dear ones. (USA)

50. I always introduce myself as an occupational therapist (USA)

51. I am student rep for my university; I will post this information and print out flyers (USA)

52. I will create my own rehabilitation center , after I finished my master studying (Jordan)

53. I will wear an OT t-shirt and introduce myself as an OT (USA)

54. Wearing a badge, and purple, all week. (Australia)

55. We will; have a full week of Activities, poster boards in all the health services campuses, info sheets distributed in all campuses, primary school and childcare centre visits and talk about OT, community lecture to promote OT, OT breakfast and lunch, Wear OT badges while in campus and talk to clients and patients, handing out of coloring sheets and writing sheets for kids (Australia)

56. I’ll write about my experience and post it on my website/blog ( as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. (USA)

57. Introducing myself as a student in the school of occupational therapy, enlightening them more on the importance of O.T (Nigeria)

58. We devised a poster with pictures and symbols to promote the workshop for world occupational therapy day. – We contacted the British Association of Occupational Therapists who supplied us with promotional goodies (pens, pins etc) to give away during the workshop. – We wore the pins throughout the workshop and plan to do so on world occupational therapy day too. – To start the workshop we gave a brief explanation about occupational therapy, its benefits and how it links to drumming. – An additional poster was drawn on flip chart paper, which had the words “world occupational therapy day” and each service user traced their hands onto the piece of paper, reaffirming the the importance of doing (with our hands), being (with each other in the group) and belonging (being a part of the group and drumming together in unison). – We plan to write about the success of the workshop and how it enabled creative engagement in our practice magazine and within our trust newsletter. (UK)

59. I will wear an OT t-shirt and introduce myself as an OT (USA)

60. The organization always represents itself professionally with our mission statement at all fundraising and community events: Our Mission Statement: Occupational Therapy Assistant Student leadership organization shall encourage ethical and professional development through networking, education and providing community service, which brings into practice the knowledge and values set forth in the occupational therapy assistants program. MCC hosts an annual bowling fundraiser every year, a student conclave at the college “Advocate and Educate”, and various other community related events such as the Azheimer’s walk. (USA)

61. I will tell them (USA)

62. Interview in local newspaper About OT and our new address -Letter to all general practitioners and their assistants in our town (The Netherlands)

63. Dissemination of leaflets in shopping centers, lecture in a health center, record a short film about occupational therapy at home for patients after stroke. (Slovenia)

64. Editorial after event (USA)

65. introduce theory behind the wellness activity and increase awareness for parents about how play in the spiritual context and safe environment of multicultural attendees will help to bring meaningful learned experiences to a child’s brain for growth and development (USA)

66. We will be wearing our Cleveland State University apparel and will bring it up during discussions with participants of the event. Our group wants to increase the public’s awareness of occupational therapy and how it can be involved in so many aspects of society and that it should not be pigeon-holed into narrow areas of practice. (USA)

67. We’ll be wearing our occupational therapy shirts to identify as occupational therapy students. We are prepared to discuss what occupational therapy is with faculty and residents at the facility. (USA)

68. Advertisements: leaflets, websites, formal letters, blogs, etc. (Thailand)

69. Educación en T.O en comunidad, practicas en RBC y atención a la Comunidad (Argentina)

70. My status as a professor of occupational therapy is on the flyers promoting the session, I will introduce myself as an occupational therapist and I will share examples of successful stress management strategies as way of developing healthy habits for everyday living, an occupation -based approach to health and well-being. (USA)

71. Already have informed the parents through the manager (Israel)

72. by word of mouth (Pakistan)

73. provide good practice for clients use booklets and pamphelets (India)

74. Tell people, make a poster, wear Student Occupational Therapy Association gear (USA)

75. Picture badge, T-shirt, Facebook campaign Street match, (USA)

76. Walking the talk. These initiatives build on relationships and partnerships. So people know that I am an occupational therapist and am committed to the displaced people having opportunities to participate. Even across cultures, they know it keeps you healthy, sane, and that it promotes human rights. (Australia)

77. Wear OT T-shirt, hat and OT related pin. Show and discuss WFOT Bulletin on Innovation and OT International article on eudaimonic well-being, Post World OT Day print-outs. Explain and answer questions about career. Arrange table with crafts and food from around the world and have related student-written therapeutic aspects cards and booklets on display and available. Post link on class Blackboard sites and announce in classes. (USA)

78. Our website clearly identifies our OT focus and by sharing this offer through social media, anyone with an interest or curiosity about OT can take a course for free.

79. We will be wearing our classes OT jackets and sweatshirts and dressed all in pink, and will have facts on how OTs work with people who have been diagnosed with cancer. (USA)

80. Wear a t shirt with OT on it Tell them I’m a OT student (USA)

81. Spreading the word about OT by wearing our name tags and hoping people will ask us what it is! (USA)

82. We are making stress balls and key chains with patients along with talking to staff and patients about occupational therapy. We will also be talking to patients about leisure participation, mental health, and well being. (USA)

83. I will tell them why I am there, and then explain what Occupational Therapy is. I think that It is important for people to know what occupational therapy can offer them if they ever needs it. I will also be working with another student who is also and OT student.Together, we can work together to explain to others the values of OT and how we can make a difference in other peoples lives. (USA)

84. I will wear my UNE OT apparel and converse with as many families as possible about my goals and experiences in the field! (USA)

85. This homeowner is aware that we are OTs, but we will be able to discuss our role more on the work day. We will also ask RTMC to include information about our workday as well as our routine home assessments in their monthly newsletter which goes to hundreds of supporters of Rebuilding Together. We will take pictures of the team and if the homeowner allows we will do before and after pictures. (USA)

86. I will wear my badge that says I am an OT student at UNE. I will also introduce myself as an OT student to the participant. (USA)

87. I think it’s important to know that we are Occupational Therapy students in our interactions with there family, but to more importantly be a friend and someone to have fun with as we are interacting with the children and adolescence. We will also all be wearing our nametags to show that we are OT students at UNE. (USA)

88. Through engaging in conversation a lady we were raking the yard for I told her I was an OT student. (USA)

How others promoted Occupational Therapy on February 25, 2012


  1. I will announce it at the beginning of the class. I will talk briefly about how I use yoga as an occupational therapist to assist people will a variety of needs in managing their health and well-being more effectively.
  2. “Through word of mouth  publicity”
  3. Conducting workshops for school intervention and teachers training “
  4. Throughout the presentation and handouts marketing OT
  5. I plan to begin my presentation by explaining my role as an Occupational Therapist in a school division.
  6. Do some free checkup camp…
  7. Share about the knowledge of occupational therapy
  8. When I introduce myself, I say that I am an OT student.
  9. Verbally! Explain the benefit of what OT can do for children, wear a tee shirt showing description of OT when I go to ask about service.
  10. Promoting occupation and its importance for health and well-being of an individual
  11. Great question!  Through conversations, through social media
  12. I will describe the Occupational Therapy Global Day of Service, and answer questions about what we do as OT Practitioners
  13. I will have my work ID card, business cards, AOTA brochures…
  14. Wear an OT t-shirt; tell the people I serve that I am an OT; write an article for the state OT association newsletter; possibly work together with RT to have handouts of some sort, and maybe contact the local news station(s)
  15. Promote it on my website, leave flyers at senior centers and churches.  I also present the Safe Steps program through the National Home Safety Council.
  16. Discuss occupations in ESL lesson and include description of occupational therapy.
  17. I tend to communicate about OT in professional, social, and community settings by being open and excited about the profession and it’s value. With an open attitude I find that people are more likely to ask questions so I am preaching less and simply informing people more. A nametag and some pamphlet type information is always helpful too!
  18. Being both an OT student and student leader, I will be using Facebook to organize this project. This will let other learn about OTGDS and rOTary .
  19. Posso pintar uma camisa, também divulgar o evento para outros alunos.
  20. Maybe a short presentation or introduction
  21. By wearing an OT t-shirt
  22. I plan on contacting the facility to let them know I am an Occupational Therapy Student, as well as showing my school ID when volunteering
  23. Students from Wayne State University will be carrying out this training session from an occupational therapy based standpoint.
  24. “Through my blog”
  25. Divulgando em sites, parcerias com outros voluntarios na area medica atraves de indicação.
  26. Spreading my profession through my work
  27. Através do meu perfil nas redes sociais
  28. usando um cracha
  29. Sendo TO.
  30. I intend to teach’em about how simple an activity can be to our clients — and how complex they are to us. We take’em seriously! We’re all for promoting health and we’re very proud of it.
  31. Education and advocacy and participation in the community and organizations.
  32. With a T shirt and in my explanations as I encounter people
  33. I tell everyone I am an occupational Therapist!
  34. “* Wear OT shirts
    • Poster/Banner
    • Include in advertisements
    • Use every opportunity to spread the word”
  35. This will be made evident in our flyers and ads in the community paper, the campus radio station, and communication w/ the Alzheimer’s Association. And it will be supported by the local chapter of the PA OT Association.
  36. “By:

–       acquiring resources for getting the  promotion material

–       distributing promotional material to people in different areas in Slovenia (badges, balloons, leaflets…)

–       including the media (TV, radio) to promote Global Day of Service

–       contacting UNICEF office in Slovenia if they can help us with our action

–       having a stall in the city center of our capital city in Ljubljana, offering promotion material and talking to people in the street about OT

  1. By conducting awareness programs at schools
  2. “By:

–       finding donations for getting promotion material

–       distributing promotional material

–       including the media (TV, radio) with the purpose of inform the public about OT

–       having a stall with promotion material

–       contacting UNICEF office in Slovenia if they would support our idea on that day”

  1. They know me and are aware that I am studying to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant. However I will indicate that this is a directive from the Occupational Therapy Global day of service. “`This makes me very proud of my future profession.
  2. We have a team “OTs on an Amazing Race” and will talk with the stroke support groups, Xavier community, and Cincinnati community educating them on occupational therapy and specifically, our role in facilitating participation for these individuals who survived a stroke. We will also be acknowledged by the American Heart Association and Drake Center.
  3. I will tell them that I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant.
  4. Tell them.
  5. I will join my colleagues around the world to provide a cohesive and organized global effort of community service. I will join students who would like to volunteer community service to an individual or organization.
  6. Event consists of dropping off food items at church.  Several church members are aware that I am an occupational therapist.
  7. I present myself as an OT. The lecture is based on OT ideology – occupation and health – looking specially into doing good for others. I will take a lot of examples from my practice how this is done. The main purpose of the lecture is to give people ideas what they can do for others that don´t cost any money and show them that while doing good for others they are promoting their own health and well being. It´s a win win situation for everybody.
  8. We will wear OT badges and have a banner showing that we are OT’s.
  9. I plan to tell the parents of the children and other volunteers know that I am a OT student when I introduce myself.
  10. I will wear my name tag. I will let people know about occupational therapy by talking about how occupational therapy is supportive in the well-being of others. I am thankful that I can help and service my community.
  11. We are attaching luggage tags to all the backpacks that say occupational therapy on them and on the back have a spot for members to put their names on them.  We are also putting information up about occupational therapy and the bags in the centers resource area.
  12. “We have sent emails that include a link to the Global OT website.
  13. We created a fundraising website in order to fundraise for our event.
  14. On our website, we have included our bios in the “”about us”” section.
  15. All our marketing material will mention that this day/project is made possible by the donated time of occupational therapists.
  16. We make sure to sign all of our communication with our credentials-not just our name in order to enhance the professionalism of the project.
  17. If we fundraise enough to provide Occupational Therapy stickers or pens at the event, we will.
  19. Sometimes I just say it in a straightforward way, especially when people ask some OT related questions online.
  20. In addition to wearing “OT gear” to identify myself as an occupational therapist, I’ll have some printed information to share about the profession of occupational therapy.
  21. “This Move It Memphis event is sponsored by Start 2 Finish, a premier health-oriented event management company in the Mid-South. The occupational therapy students will wear an event T-shirt with an “”Ask me About OT”” pin. Student participants may promote OT by the following:

1)    serving in the runner’s stretching tent

2)    handing out water bottles

3)    staffing the BlueCross of Tennessee

  1. Registration tent; opportunity to post
  2. “”What is OT”” pamphlets.”
  3. “In preparation for this annual event, the participating students will develop a descriptive brochure on the OT profession. They will prepare for the day’s event by scheduling brief meetings with key state senators currently serving on either health care or higher education senate committees. The students will attend an education committee session scheduled for that day. Lastly, the students will staff an information table to engage state officials in a conversation about occupational therapy.
  4. All student participants will be wearing their university ID that identifies them as a UTHSC OT student.”
  5. I will be making a T-shirt to wear that day.
  6. I will wear an occupational therapy shirt so that everyone will know I am a student at the University of Utah and will be happy to answer any questions should there be any.
  7. Through conversation I will be able to share with individuals what I do through a natural conversation.
  8. The toy store will include my title on the literature they circulate about their event and toys I recommend will include a sticker that says “Occupational Therapist Recommended”
  9. We are brainstorming ideas regarding this.  We have brought up having pins that say “Ask me about OT.”  Other ideas are soon to come.
  10. Upon interacting and assisting the Red Cross Personnel, we will be present in multiple numbers to represent our presence and our purpose for volunteering.  In turn, this will segway into our profession as a health care provider and the various types of services we provide.  I intend to provide some sort of banner to identify and announce that we are Occupational Therapy Professional volunteers participating on this date in partnership with the Red Cross for this particular event to promote and heighten community awareness.
  11. I plan on identifying that I am an OT practitioner and why I am volunteering in the community, for my church, and on Feb. 25th.  Most of the members in my church are already fairly familiar with my profession and the services I provide as I provide resources, consulting prn and host in-services re: health and wellness, rehab, etc., to the community and my members.
  12. I would like to have some flyer to put it in health home, ….
  13. We signed up as an organization. We will be taking pictures for a possible newspaper article and for our own state newsletter.
  14. I will present myself as an OT student and this work is a part of my education. I am a student at this center in my location study
  15. By introducing myself to as many people as possible at the conference.
  16. I plan to introduce the session with a brief outline of my background (teacher and OTR) and to provide examples of the link between OT and the development of school readiness skills.  I will provide handouts for games/activities/red flags that include OT information/websites/links for parents/staff.  I will offer consultations services to the CFC that are based upon my OT background (e.g., fine motor, handwriting, visual motor, sensory motor).
  17. Wearing our badges, collaborating with parents whose children have Down Syndrome, communicating with audience
  18. We are going to set up a facebook page for discussion and to post resources and social media and occupational therapy. Then on the day we plan to organize a twitter chat about this.