Previous OTGDS Service

How others served their communities on October 27, 2016

-The SOTA club at MGH Institute of Health Professions held a 3 – hour Blanket-a-thon from 12-3pm on a Thursday during a busy week in the time surrounding World OT Day. The students recruited Institute-wide faculty, staff, and students of many different allied health professions to attend for a 30-minute time slot to snip and tie together “no-sew” fleece blankets for the homeless population. Many of the 2 years’ of OT students participated and many faculty and staff also partook. Afterward, the blankets will be donated to a local non-profit organization, which will offer the blankets to homeless people who visit a local shelter.

-We plan on carving pumpkins with residents at Birchaven Village.

-launch of website officialy ,mosaic activity for kids involved in therapy

-I would like to help with activities for children with Down syndrom at Gigi’s play house.

-Visit the charitable institute for protecting social victims(who diagnosed who diagnosed with mental illness) “Saraye Ehsan” and do activities like drama,music,play…

-Host a Pumpkin Painting fundraiser with whoopie pies and cookies. All proceeds would go towards AOTPAC. The event focuses on bringing together OT students and students in the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences for the promotion of the profession.

-Clean up in Flood area of Nichols SC

-The Occupational Therapy will take place at a Basic Health Unit in the city of Uberaba/MG in association with the town hall. Uberaba is a country town in Minas Gerais State that manages health services by districts. For this voluntary action the Waldemar Hial health unity was chosen due to it’s organizational characteristics and the absence of a occupational therapist in their team. On the day chosen to promote Occupational Therapy two teams, each one coordinated by a occupational therapist professor, will offer services focused on adult and child population. Each team consists of four occupational therapy students, a local employee and the coordinator. The activities conducted by the adult group will involve self-care practices, housework, health management and body activities focused towards people with chronic pain. The objective of those activities are stimulation to fulfill daily activities, identification and control of activities that cause pain, reduction/control of pain through body techniques, energy conservation and joint protection, reorganization of daily life by involvement in new roles and the promotion of social inclusion. The activities focused on child population will have characteristics of indirect service rendered to children in school age. The team will provide consulting for teachers of public schools. The practical session will approach adapting materials for writing. The goal is to stimulate the develop manual skills and facilitate characteristic prehension patterns of every age.

-Conduct a clothing drive for the homeless for the charity Clothes That Care Inc. Each volunteer will individually gather items for the charity and meet at the university on allocated day to distribute the items to the charity organizer (myself).

-A group of occupational therapy students from The University of Findlay will be going to Birchaven Village in Findlay, Ohio and volunteer for their “Jack-O-Lantern” show. We will be helping to carve and decorate pumpkins.

-Salvation Army, Kids program for low income families, minute to win it games with relay races

-We our completing our OTGDS project at One Amazing Place, a child care center located in Findlay, OH. For this day, we have planned Halloween themed sensory carnival games, which include both gross and fine motor activities.

-We are holding a spa day for breast cancer survivors that are residents of Birchaven Village in Findlay, OH from 1-3pm on October 27, 2016. We will be offering nails, facials, and hand massage stations. We are allotting about 30 minutes per station. We hope to hear the survival stories and spend quality time with each lady. Prior to the start of the spa day, we will be conducting an ice breaker so everyone will know each other’s names, as well as how long they have been a survivor. Once each lady has been to each station, we will gather together and explain the purpose of OT for them as survivors.

-We are planning to promote the Occupational Therapy profession by arranging an exhibition that’s divided into 5-6 sections or booths in the mall to attract a large number of people in the community. Each section will display different activities that we made and other assistive devices for different conditions and areas. For example, one section will be called “the world from a different vision” which talks about the autism disorder and how children with ASD see the world, while other section explains the role of OT with physical conditions and how they could manage their life by using AD in a modified environment.

-We are planing to make the services interactive between the practitioners and the audience.

-26 of October 2016: creative activities for patients, music activities with hosts. 27 of October 2026: sociable afternoon with painter quadriplegic Vojko Gašperut 26 of October 2016: presentations profession OT to all services; Hole week: access to leaflet, posters and products which are generated as a byproduct

-Occupation Therapist’a Role in academics/classroom performance/self actualizatuon through engagement.

-We are planning to provide service at a variety of local organizations including Champion Intergenerational Center, Special Olympics, Goodwill Columbus, Ronald McDonald House, The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition, and several other locations. We will primarily be working with children and adults with developmental disabilities, older adults, and some adults with physical disabilities. We will be providing direct service as well as indirect service by cleaning facilities and helping prepare meals.

-Create awareness through public talk in town market, schools, hospitals and a 10 km walk with placards, posters. Offer free screening, assessment, advice and treatment of those who will require OT intervention. Donate splints, assistive aids and equipments to the needy including information on how to use and take care of them.

-Discuss and promote the importance of mental health and how it relates to the future of Occupational therapy.

-A camp for free assessment and consultation for pediatric population

-The OTA students at Penn State DuBois will be creating veteran appreciation items (craft, recognition gift,etc) to be distributed to veterans at area SNF in the weeks following OTGDS prior to Veteran’s Day. The item will be accompanied by an explanation of OT services and gratitude for the roles/occupations the person experienced in the military.

How others served their communities on October 27, 2014

-General screening of posture, UE strength, basic cognition, balance, demonstration of AE, splints, DME and an ADL using these devices with a disability, short glimpse of provider training and home modification discussion.

-Occupational therapy treatment- awareness program for cerebral palsy, autism and down syndrome. what problems can be judged at parents level to contact an occupational therapist

-We will be promoting the role of Occupational Therapy in the promotion of literacy occupations and co-occupations. Through the promotion of active engagement in meaningful literacy activities, OT can support the development of educational participation of young and school-aged children. SLU OSOT faculty and students will promote the importance of mothers reading to infants and young children in a homeless shelter in St. Louis, MO. Faculty, staff and students will participate in a drive to collect infant and young children’s books to give out to homeless families with infants and young children with high risks of developmental delays, trauma, and occupational injustices.

-Participate in Twitter chats I have not participated before and promote OT.

-Home adaptation consultation to elderly cancer survivors

-Workshop on handwriting for mainstream teachers and resource teachers for regular as well as children with special needs.

-Gail Wish OTR/L CHT, and I will be volunteering for the entire week before and on that day at the Nepal Cleft and Burn Center at the Kirtipur Model Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal where we will be caring for children and adults with post burn contractures and traumatic hand injuries.

-Set up a stall at the main entrance of the hospital to educate staff, patients and relatives the diversity of occupational therapy

-We are holding a fall festival at Special Kids Therapy in Findlay, Ohio. We will have interactive activities that range from sensory, nutrition, to halloween safety. This event will be for children with special needs in the area as well as to the general public.

-We are holding a food drive for seniors in need at our local senior center. At the food drive, we are setting up several educational booths that the seniors must look at before they receive their free food. The topics of the educational booths will be cheap and healthy recipes, food safety, food conservation, what is OT and the services OT provides, and a refreshment booth.

-We plan on advocating and educating the community of Findlay on mental illness by hosting a “Break the Stigma” day. At this event we will have different stations set up that educate people on a mental illness, community support groups or help, and occupational therapy’s role in help individuals with mental illness as well as their caregivers and family members.

-Carry out a nutrition program for children living in the city of Findlay. We will play games, do crafts and build healthy snacks while educating the children on the importance of eating healthy and making balanced food choices. This will take place at the Findlay Salvation Army Agency and kids living throughout the community will be welcomed to participate.

-We plan to implement a nutrition education program for children at the local Salvation Army. This program will focus on helping children make informed and healthy food choices. We plan to achieve this goal by creating stations for children to visit where they are able to learn about eating a well balanced diet, making a simple healthy snack, and other crafts and games related to nutrition. We hope children will gain knowledge regarding their nutrition in a fun and creative way.

-We will be going to an elementary school and holding a workshop for grades K-3. The workshop is entitled “Be Your Best Self”. We will be focusing on goals and how to achieve them and moving past the struggles in the way of goals. Specifically, we will focus on careers as a goal and conflict management.

-We will have an organizational wide OT information sessions. Bulletin board and information board. School visits to provide information about OT and It services. Acute care hospitals and children hospitals. Well we are planning to promote the role of occupational therapy in mentioned area. we are looking forward for parent support program on different pediatric issues.

-I plan to provide a free workshop on handwriting for primary teachers Michele Gentile and I will be vendors at an expo promoting OT’s and wellness service, i.e., yoga,meditation,aromatherapy,myofascial release, stress management.

-Present a small presentation about occupational therapy and its role in acute care hospitals n a rehab setup,i plan to this in the hospital.

-Explain what OT do and present an presentation about the activities we did and will do for our patients and who we can help

-We are planning to start a new activity for our psychiatric clients to improve cognitive functions, eye-hand co-ordination, task behaviour in collabration with a private company in our hospital

-As the only OT in the country, I have invited the rehabilitation assistants who are members of the OT special interest group, as well as University of Guyana students in the Medical Rehabiltation program to participate in the OT Day of Service. We will be doing a clothing drive to collect much-needed apparel and toiletry items for Cheshire Home where I work as a Peace Corps Response volunteer. Cheshire Home is a residential facility serving 25 individuals with severe and/or multiple disabilities. Additionally, volunteers will come to Cheshire Home in order to help prepare the home’s OT Room – which has been funded through a Peace Corps Partnership grant. We will be painting the room as well as repairing and restoring cabinets that will be used as storage for OT items.

-Students from Thomas Jefferson’s Occupational Therapy Program will be spending the afternoon with local refugees who have recently resettled in Philadelphia. We plan on taking them to the library for a tour and to open library cards. Afterwards, we will walk to a nearby playground and play outside with the families and their children. Share information -flyers, brochures to school staff and parents concerning global OT day.

-In addition to raising awareness of disabilities, we are excited to offer the students an opportunity to participate in a service project with us. The formal birth of occupational therapy was in 1917, and during this time the area in which most treatment occurred was for the World War I injured soldiers. In honor of Veterans Day, Tuesday November 11, 2014, we are making thank-you/appreciation cards for veterans.

-Seminars, Quiz, Stage play, Games,etc

-Neighborhood Clean-ups: Clean environment helps promote activities in the community that people want and need to do

-Explain what is occupational therapy.

-We will be facilitating a meal preparation activity at a home for developmentally disabled adults. We will also be training the staff of the role/ purpose of OT services.

-Awareness about OT to the medical professional

-All paediatric population frm any place regardless of age caste  religion, gender etc. special child populationof c.p mr..autism down learning disability

-Sensory integration and bobath

-Because of Occupational Therapy GLobal Day, Occupational Therapy students in second year of study, organizes on Monday, October 27, an action designed to facilitate social inclusion of children with special needs throught leisure activities. Scheduled activities include: travel by bus on rute PItesti-Curtea de Arges-Vidraru-Piscu Negru-Balea Lac (Transfagarasan), hike trip to waterfall Balea, picnic, mountain route and outdoor activities, visiting the adventure park Black Peak.

-The Ohio State University’s first and second year MOT students will be participating in service events throughout Columbus, OH. We will be volunteering at six different locations on OT Global Day of Service. These locations include: Universal Design Living Laboratory, a Special Olympics Bowling Tournament, Ronald McDonald House, a psychiatric Hospital, and a Creative Living house.

-I provide services to young people with mental illness

How others served their communities on October 27, 2013

-OT Awareness bulletin board for our in-patient Head Injury Rehab. Unit. Approx 10 OTR/COTAs, 2 OT volunteers, 1 COTA student (USA)

-I plan on spending my time at St. Francis Senior Ministries in Tiffin, Ohio participating in activities with the residents. (USA)

-With one OT practitioner and OT student, We will celebrate the Olive Harvest Season by picking, cracking and pickling Olives with 13 clients with different intellectual disabilities at Al-Malath Charitable Society. (Palestine)

-The Graduate students at The University of Findlay have been collecting donations over the past few months for a shelter (Open Arms) that provides domestic violence and rape crisis services. We plan to deliver these donations (and supplemental information regarding OT ) to the shelter on October 27th. There are 21 students partaking in this collection/event. (USA)

-I will participate in the Raily on 27 th Oct. 13 to celebrate World OT Day at CRP in Bangladesh. Therapist about 30 and student will be 80 in this Raily. We will develop poster etc. (India)

-I will attend one of the seven events I am promoting as student council philanthropy chairperson. Events include helping feed people who are out of home, restoring nature preserves, assisting families with new computers and technology, pet adoption, and MORE! (USA)

-Universal Design Living Laboratory- Rosemarie Rosetti’s home is an amazing example of a home modeled using universal design, where she gives tour. They opened their home all summer for tours to raise money for spinal cord injury research. We will be helping to complete some finishings inside and yard work outside to prepare for the winter. Partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness-OSU Chapter at Regency Manor-At Regency Manor we will be volunteering with individuals who have a primary medical diagnosis and a secondary psychiatric diagnosis requiring long term care.Items are being collected in a book and clothing drive around campus. These items will be taken to Regency by NAMI leaders and students. We plan to set up a book fair environment to allow everyone to look at the books and choose the ones that interest them to encourage more leisure interests. Students will help the residents make bookmarks to decorate as an incentive to check out a book and use their bookmark. Volunteers will also help sort the clothes by men/women or by seasons and help give out to residents. Harding Hospital- A mental health facility for those experiencing psychiatric symptoms. We will be going to the adolescent floor. There, we will have a tailgate-themed celebration with the patients. Students will wear Buckeye gear and bring cornhole games. If not we will try to set up a bingo game that is Buckeye themed with prizes. Also, we will be making the Buckeye Stress balls as an activity that kids can use as a coping strategy! St. Joseph’s Hospice- We will be working with a few families receiving hospice home services who have yard work needing done before the winter months or other activities that are needed. Creative Living-Creative Living provides apartment-like housing and community support to physically disabled individuals. Their apartments and common area are designed specifically for wheelchair access. We are planning on having a movie/game night with some snacks (i.e. popcorn, chips, juice etc.). Students will bring board games or card games to play with the group and some movie (DVD) options. We are expecting each group to have approximately 16 students (first and second year) participating. (USA)

-We will be participating in OT Global Day of Service at Sunrise Senior Living Center from 12:00 pm-4:00 pm on Sunday, October 27, 2013. We will have 8 occupational therapy students coordinating this event. We are going to have four different stations of activities including a cookie decorating, pumpkin painting, games, and nail painting. We want the residents to be able to come and go as they please and enjoy as many activities as possible. The purpose is to give the residents one day of fun that is different from their every day routine. We are encouraging family members to attend as well to make the experience even better for the residents. (USA)

-Physican of Unani, Aurvedic and Diet Care Practitioner (Pakistan)

-I and one student make a poster with information releases what is OT, activities and services for OT. (Slovenia)

-Macomb Community College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant Student Leadership Organization is planning to create over 100 hygiene bags for a local shelter (MCREST) in Macomb County. The organization has been collecting travel size donations of toothpaste and toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, razors, shaving cream etc. at the school from the students. The bags will be created to promote proper hygiene as it is an area of occupation. The bags will be put together on Thursday, October 24th and delivered to the shelter on Saturday, October 26th. Two occupational therapy practitioners and fifteen to twenty students will be participating in creating the bags. One student and one practitioner will deliver the bags on Saturday. (USA)

-Support local preschool program in Seattle Metro program through assisting with Pumpkin Patch visit. (USA)

-Approximately 15 OT’s will participate in our event (Australia)

-I am presenting at our Illinois OT (ILOTA) conference this week on the OT role with Rebuilding Together to encourage other OTs to volunteer their time to provide home safety evaluations, educate families on safe ADL performance and increase OT’s visibility in the community (USA)

-we are 4 students who collects money to volunteer to the charity for severe physical and intellectual disabilities. (Israel)

-Fall Safety, HomeFit and CarFit event. Anticipate 4 other OT’s assisting along with a wealth of non OT’s (USA)

-a week long program involving practitioners, students, non-governmental organisations, and government (Nigeria)

-Give presentation at New Jersey Occupational Therapy Assoc. conference. Include related cultural diversity booklet in which occupational therapy assistant students participated this month. (USA)

-The University of Findlay Weekend College Student Cohorts of 2014, 2015, and 2016, will be making cards for different organizations for the holidays. There will be around 50 student participating, each making a 10 cards; with a grand total of 500 for the community! (USA)

-“Live, Laugh and Share the Love: Spreading the Feel-Good word” Nicola and I have recently graduated from a MSC in Occupational Therapy in the University of Limerick. Tanya McGarry is a regional placement facilitator in the University of Limerick. On the 31st October, we will be facilitating a workshop which is based on a project, “The Feel Good Group for Girls”, which Nicola and I ran with the support of Tanya while completing a Role Emerging placement in Extern, a local charity that supports at risk youth. The group took the form of a four week workshop for teenage girls attending the service. It was designed to promote the girls understanding of self-esteem and those factors that influence it through the use of occupation. It also provided them with a safe space to express their own feelings about the topic and develop a repertoire of positive affirmations and coping skills to support their own self esteem. It provided the girls with an opportunity to express their feel good message for protecting self esteem through and used a variety of media to generate discussion on factors that may protect or damage self esteem e.g. origami, music and dance, art and crafts, modelling, role play, make-up, photograph, photo shoot. The sessions culminated in a full blown photo shoot which took place in the gallery space in the University concert hall. Make up was facilitated by the No.7 girls from Boots pharmacy while the photographs were taken by professional photographer, Ivaylo Yotov from Live These photos were then turned into a magazine cover displaying positive affirmations; positive song lyrics and the girls identified strengths. The response from the girl was overwhelmingly positive; in fact they were overwhelmed by the whole experience. The value of having such a positive, safe, rewarding experience was immense and greatly valued by them. Their only complaint was that there was not enough time. We have recently been approved for funding through the O2 Think Big project which supports initiatives from young people which benefit the mental health of other young people. We are using this funding to provide a training and information sharing day on the workshop for the staff of Extern. The day will involve the girls who participated in the group, this time as co-facilitators. It is an opportunity for us to share information on the theory and process behind the group with the larger circle of Extern staff who observed the outcomes but not the process which led to them. It is also an opportunity for the girls to reflect upon and share their own learning with staff which will hopefully benefit other young people in the service. The allocated funding will go towards the resources and material required for the day. Our time in planning and facilitating the day is provided on a voluntary basis. (Ireland)

-Our group of OT students will be spending the day at Briar Hill and running Halloween activities for the residents. The residents will be decorating cookies and making candy bag for the young children that come and trick-or-treat at Briar Hill. In addition, the residents will be making their own Halloween masks. Last, the residents will be playing Boo Bingo! (USA)

-For our Global OT day of service, my group of 7 occupational therapy students are going to Birchaven Retirement home working with residents and their families. Since this is date is close to halloween, we are working with Birchaven staff to help with their trick or treating event with residents and their families. After this trick or treating event, we will be having different activities for residents and their families to participate in. We will have mask decorating, pumpkin painting,and cookie decorating. We will also have kids activities including fake stick-on tattoos, coloring, and games. (USA)

-I participated in the Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Day on September 22, 2013 in Portland, ME. I, along with three other students and our occupational therapy professor administered a balance assessment (TUG test) to volunteers. We also explained the importance of balance and ways to test and improve their balance. We took pictures of every day occurrences that may impact balance and shared these pictures with our volunteers. In doing so, we explained ways of creating a safe environment to prevent falls including what to do if a fall occurs. In addition, we handed out a fact sheet from AOTA and other brochures with more information on balance and the Matter of Balance program. (USA)

-visiting a geriatric centre at mji wa salama in mombasa kenya in a group of 20 occupational therapists and providing free psychotherapy sessions to the elderly besides assessing and advising on accessbility, mobility and transfers (Kenya)

-We will be doing the following volunteer activities at Horses Help*: side walking with riders, gardening work, site clean up, maintenance, small projects (such as hanging blinds, clean/organizing tack shop, etc.). Horses Help is located in beautiful North Phoenix, Arizona, and has been providing therapeutic and recreational horseback riding to a diverse population of people with special needs for over 25 years. Horses Help utilizes specially trained horses, well-qualified instructors that are certified by the Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship International, (PATH International), physical and occupational therapists, and community volunteers to form exceptional teams to work with the special abilities population. Riders range in age from three to seniors, and represent a wide range of physical and mental disabilities. Participants enjoy weekly sessions to learn riding/driving skills, receive therapy, and enjoy the freedom of activities with THEIR horse. Leaving wheelchairs and walkers behind, these riders control their horse through obstacles and journey where they couldn’t otherwise go by themselves. Horses Help is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. More information is available at (USA)

-Creating activities for charities in Ljubljana. The event will take place in the hobby art store (Rayher). 7 OTs will cooperate with the creative group from Rayher, the Slovenian International Ladies Association and visitors. (Slovenia)

-We plan to hold a day long free OT screening and evaluation for children with special needs in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines. we will be having 2 students for Cebu Doctors’ University – Philippines and about 3 OT practitioners who will be participating. (Philippines)

-I practice in the Psychiatric Hospital with other 5 students, and we will make an open day for the first time in the hospital, in this day, clients will prepare some cookies and sweets, also we will present with them, their work, we invite our families, friends, students from our college and occupational therapists from many centers. (Palestine)

-Me with other two therapists will celebrate autumn season with intellectual disabled adults by gathering all the autumn work done by the clients and wear an autumn-leaf crowns done also by them. (Palestine)

-Planning to keep poster, street play competition for OT schools in the Mumbai city and later those posters and street plays will be displayed to the public for the awareness. Also planning to invite other medical departments to attend World OT day function. Approximately 50 to 100 people should participate in whole event. (India)

-In a local China hospital, with anticipated 80 persons attending, 4 Rehab Therapists working as OTs, 3 students (China)

-A free awareness program of two hours for parents about sensory integration and what role it plays in our lives. (India)

-Pakistan society for the rehabilitation of disabled, pakistan. above 14 practioners and 35 students. (Pakistan)

-i am not an OT practitioner but i want to become one i would love to participate and observe the professionals doing their job (USA)

-20 OT practitioners engaging in Street play, symposium and Lectures (India)

-Neurology and orthopedic services in general hospitals as a student in faghihi hospital (Iran)

-I’m student in University of Indonesia, please help and promoting Occupational Day Therapy in this country because we have new organization IOTSA (International Occupational Therapy Student Assosiation). So, we’re need much idea to celebrate and promoting this event. (Indonesia)

-I have planned to organize an event in my School, in which all students and OTs and all Practitioners around the city will be invited. Together we will discuss our achievements and experiences. It will be a light get together and a unity celebration of OTs of Pakistan. (Pakistan)

-Community awareness about Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders; work booth at festival (USA)

-Around 30 occupational therapist and 60 students at jaipur occupational therapy college (India)

-Cooparation with mental health services due to mental health reform at the country (Israel)

-Volunteer at any event/function when available. By myself or with peers (approx 60) (USA)

-Working with patients in Ortho, Neuro and Paediatrics. Especially Dysphagia. (India)

-Handing out flyers among OT students in one of the OT schools in Tehran/Iran, asking them how they want to promote OT in the community. (Iran)

-Service for disabled children specially play grounds,service for special schools having a large arena for carrying out all sorts of activities in playful manner (India)

-Group Therapy with individuals with Drug addiction, I have invented a new way of therapy (Israel)

-Host a webinar for OTs, parents and/or teachers (USA)

-I am planning to provide home based care in Mumbai (India)

-Propagation of OT awareness and services in pediatric setting (school based) (Philippines)

-Volunteer at an organization for the day (Canada)

-I’m a student and i’ll spread the importance of Occupational therapy and increase awareness among people. I’ll also work with mentally ill teens and adults by giving them vocational activities and make arts and crafts with the cooperation of one therapist and student at Al-Malath Society for Special Needs (Palestine)

-Pediatrics and Psyche at Marikina City (Philippines)

-Volunteer work at autism center in Mumbai (India)

-Community base rehab (Philippines)

-In government set up.. . General occupational therapy practice (India)

-Do a community education group and awareness campaign 6 co students will support (Nigeria)

-A bike riding event for children with special needs. (India)

-Promote the value of OT through volunteering within the 3rd party sector as a mentor for bullied and abused children. (UK)

-Me and 13 occupational therapy students are delivering a 1-hour Loving to Read and Write (OT for Literacy), multisensory activity in 2 private schools, 4 classrooms (2 – 1st and 2nd grade classrooms) in St. Louis, MO. OT faculty and students in the MOT program at Saint Louis University are also donating books, pencils, crayons and art materials to increase participation in literacy activities. (USA)

-OT promotion day w colleagues at hospital. I work in education (New Zealand)

-Me and another OT from the UK will do a presentation on social media use for occupational therapy practitioners and students. The hands on activity will hopefully equip more OT practitioners and students on using social media on promoting the OT profession. (USA)

-In order to educate the world on what Occupational therapy is I would like to initiate an interactive inservice with the team of OT and COTA’s I work with. The interactive service would include posters about what OT is with pictures and the tools we use in out SNF setting such as ADL AE. (USA)

-We are organizing several events through ou national OT association (Croatian association of occupational therapists around the World OT day 2013,, and they include: – annual World OT day party (expected number aprox. 60 OT’s & OT students, venue to be confirmed) – 4 presentations in schools on benefits of including OT in schools (aprox. number per school 50) – 4 presentations in kindergarden on benefits of including OT in kindergarden (aprox. number per school 50). Some events are still in making so we can inform at the later date. (Croatia)

-I will be volunteering in home OT services for 4 hours on October 26th (USA)

-In different community schools of gurgaon and ghaziabad. for children facing physical or cognitive aspect (India)

-I plan to volunteer at the Down Syndrome Network’s Annual Conference. At this conference, childcare will be provided for the children of parents attending the conference. About 25 other University of New England students and 1 professor will participate. (USA)

How others served their communities on October 27, 2012

1. I am working with a group of college students to assist them in setting up a Rotaract club (USA)

2. Volunteer as a teacher aide at sjsu physical disability clinic. Volunteer at open mind (USA)

3. On October 20 we are hosting a Global Podcast open to everyone to celebrate and thank your chosen field of practice. (USA)

4. Give awareness talks on TV, visit to rehabilitation homes, communities in need etc. 5 practitioners and 10 students are expected to part-take. (Nigeria)

5. I will be providing child care to a set of twins with developmental delays in order to allow their parents to have a date night. (USA)

6. I am presenting as part of ot24vx2012 on Tuesday October 30 at 3pm. My presentation is: Application of Trauma -Informed Yoga Instruction to Occupational Therapy Practice. On Saturday, October 27, in support of this activity, I will provide a handout to members at the gym where I teach yoga about the benefits of OT in Health Promotion and directions for accessing the ot24vx link. (USA)

7. The Student Occupational Therapy Association at American International College has organized a team to participate in the Rays of Hope fundraising walk for breast cancer on October 28 in Springfield, Ma. (USA)

8. BU Sargent College Rotaract Club will be volunteering for Purple Pinky Day in Brookline, MA. (USA)

9. Organize community kitchen session for clients living in the community with mental illness (2 OTs) Participate in Podcast (6 OTs – audience ??) Organize, Moderate and Participate in OT24Vx 2012 – 7 OTs, 1000+ OTs attending sessions, ? students. (Canada)

10. We are helping to coordinate a Halloween event with H.A.N.D.S. We will dress up with the members of H.A.N.D.S., socialize with them, and run games and activities with them. We expect about 2 OT practitioners and about 50 students to participate in the event. (USA)

11. In the ot day that is 27th oct. We the student of sv nirtar india have a plan to go for a awarness camp about ot and its services in a near by city, which will include campgning, poster quotation and education to the people about ot (India)

12. Me and my co-worker will promote OT in Our job. We work in small geriatric home, where lots of people come to visit their parents, brothers, friends,.. and they wish to know, what they are doing at OT. (Slovenia)

13. We are having a fun movement group for students with disabilities and peers in our school! (USA)

14. As a representative of the ISOT we plan to advertise in many ways the new WFOT definition of the profession inside the OT’s community and outside as wide as possible (Israel)

15. I am working at La Fundación Hermano Miguel in Quito, Ecuador for my professional rotation. La Fundacion is a fabulous non-profit organization that serves families with disabilities from all over Latin America. Whether receiving rehabilitative therapy, psychology, or prosthetic limbs, the patients here get a huge dose of hope from talented and dedicated professionals. Over 5,000 patients are helped here every year. There are some great pictures on the website: Currently, we are working on a project to modernize the occupational therapy department. We have designed an accessible “apartment” where patients and caregivers can practice daily activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, etc. The therapists will get to teach families how to use adaptive equipment and help them implement these adaptive techniques at home. We hope that this apartment can serve as an example for Ecuador on what accessible living could look like. The Foundation has established a small fund to help get this project underway. However, it is not enough to complete the project. I am raising money from family, friends, and nonprofit organizations. (Ecuador)

16. Will be participating on my own (Ireland)

17. Walk-in afternoon were clients, healthcare practicioners and occupational therapists-to-be can see and experience what we do within the community surrounding our private practise. (The Netherlands)

18. I currently own an outpatient adult and pediatric OT Clinic and we plan to hold free evaluations on World OT Day. Some 2 to 3 OT students from Cebu Doctors’ University might be joining me. (The Philippines)

19. I will be happy to participate and volunteer in otgds (USA)

20. At the moment, there is NO national database for OTs in private practice, a place where the consumer can search for the appropriate therapist in their area. The APTA and ASHA offer this on their website for OT and ST, but AOTA does not. I think there is no better way to serve OT and the people who need our services than by beginning to organize such a database and presenting it to the AOTA. (USA)

21. At the moment, there is NO national database for OTs in private practice, a place where the consumer can search for the appropriate therapist in their area. The APTA and ASHA offer this on their website for OT and ST, but AOTA does not. I think there is no better way to serve OT and the people who need our services than by beginning to organize such a database and presenting it to the AOTA.

22. I will made ​​the presentation with the help of a sign language interpreter. (Slovenia)

23. We will have an OT party with the 7 OTs in our “related serivces”office. (USA)

24. Cooperation with private customers who offer the help those need it at home. I joined a nurse and I offer therapeutic services to those people. I’ll be the only occupational therapist (Slovenia)

25. Promotion of occupational therapy services in the home environment – in the municipality Medvode where I live. Market stalls, with some promotional material and devices by an occupational therapist advises older to independently perform activities. (Slovenia)

26. I am coordination an “Older Driver Day” with our facility, Waverly Health Center by having an AARP older drivers course in the morning and CarFit with the local agency on aging afterwards (USA)

27. I am a student at the end of study in occupational therapy and I intend to produce a mental health service in rehabilitation , I intend to work with 2 other therapists. (Tunisia)

28. The group I am a part of is called “Cookies for OT”. This group is made up of six occupational therapy students in the University of Findlay’s Occupational Therapy Program. We are going to Birchaven Retirement Village (independent, dependent, and assisted living nursing facility). There, we will be making cookies for the residents for around two hours. This is occurring on October 26th. On the next day, October 27th we will be taking these cookies to a local community event entitled “One Matters”. There we will be sitting at an informational booth handing out the cookies with labels mentioning occupational therapy. (USA)

29. There are 5 occupational therapy students going to St Catherine’s Care Center in Findlay, to do activities with the residents there. (USA)

30. We’ll have organisation wide promotion of OT through talks and posters. Provide talk to preschools, secondary schools, parents and professionals re OT and the services we provide (Australia)

31. The New Jersey OT Association is holding our Annual Conference (usually 200 people), on the 28th. We plan to have a booth set up and provide a service (i.e.: free manicures/massages, or something of the like) to our members and students. We will be giving out lifesavers “O” and tootsie pops “T” with the occupational therapy definition attached to them. (USA)

32. The Cincinnati District of the Ohio Occupational THerapy Association is sponsoring a work day at a Head Start Program run by Cincinnati Union Bethel. We will be painting and sprucing up the facilities. We are hoping for over 15 participants (USA)

33. meeting in youth movement with the guides, arrange an experience with capability and talk with them about children with capabilities and accessibility – especially human accessibility (Israel)

34. Speaking to a classroom of high school students for career day in Youngstown, Ohio. I will take props, sensory tasks, and splinting materials to show and tell. I will let them be hands on and see how a deficit can hinder their ability to live as they want and how an OT can help them enjoy life again as independent people! (USA)

35. Support development of OT in Russia (Switzerland)

36. Instructor at lebanese university ot school and vice president of the Lebanese occupational therapy association. (Lebanon)

37. I am currently on an ERASMUS exchange placement in Malta with one of my peers. We plan to go local schools & colleges with 2 Maltease OT students and discuss what OT’s do and what it is like to have OT as a career. We hope to speak to atleast 200 people. (Malta)

38. I’m interesting in work with neuro-rehabilitation, hand therapy, orthopedic, burns and lemphyoedema. Also, I have certification in splinting advance for static and dynamic. When I was study in university I have 3 best friends from K.S.A. We was a good team and doing well. Now, I’m searching for job in my country and I wish to increasing the awareness and proofing the significance of occupational therapy services and the development of the profession in Bahrain and hopefully on the global wise too. (Bahrain)

39. My group of 5 occupational therapy students are planning to give back to the community by helping individuals in poverty and educating them about OT. We are collecting articles of clothing and school supplies that will be passed out at a local event in Hancock called OneMatters. This event was created specially for people in the lower socioeconomical status (USA)

40. The service will be provided during an event called One Matters. The students will provide pine cones, peanut butter, and seeds for the children to create a bird feeder to take home and have fun. Their will be five students hosting the booth altogether. (USA)

41. Seminar for Parents of Children with Disability. It is our way to desiminate information and help them to be aware of the needs of their children. We are 5 OT staff in our foundation. We expect to have 50 participants on this day. (The Philippines)

42. WFOT wishes you an exciting World Occupational Therapy Day, October 27 2012 (Jordan)

43. – 8 people will participate, mostly OTs (we are all members of a study circle Promoting OT in Slovenia) – we’re conducting an e-mail survey among Slovenian doctors of family medicine about how well they know occupational therapy – our goal is to present our findings at the annual conference of family medicine in Slovenia and also to submit a scientific article in one of scientific journals (Slovenia)

44. I promote the OT day through our regional associations and in the 15 belgian Education Programs (Belgium)

45. Planning to provide a complele rehabilication services through multidisciplinary rehabilitation team in rural areas of madhya pradesh state, India (India)

46. Plan a project of working with the Mental Hospital. It is focused on encouraging individuals, organisations etc to accept to work with patients on admission to enhance the transition of moving back into the community. This will also reduce and gradually eradicate the culture of stigmatization. (Ghana)

47. Anti bully Awareness with successful OT tools noted by participants of all ages. (USA)

48. Practitioners about 25-30 Students about 45-50 We are planning to organise the event @ the University of Mauritius itself so as to get the maximum people from the University as well as local people (Mauritius)

49. Community Rehabilitation Therapy at Raipur Chhattisgarh (India)

50. A workshop for families and their disabled children attending a rehabilitation program within a Rehab. Centre from Baile 1 Mai, Oradea. Romania We are invited an OT expert from USA, who volunteered in our country for more than 3 years. There are not so many OT practitioners in Romania. (Romania)

51. The #OTalk team are planning a Twitter chat on the role of OT in public health. We will be encouraging people to share resources and write blogs about how they are or how they think OT could work in public health. An event page will be set up for resources and discussion. On the day of the discussion we aim to have a mass tweet of all resources collected over the next few months. The aim is to raise awareness of OT, share resources and generate global discussion among the OT profession. (UK)

52. Just myself. I am planning to organize a presentation about OT’s role in autism. It will be at my church in Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Covina. (USA)

53. 1.teaching for undergraduate students from 2004. 2. Part time work with special school for disabled students. 3. Promote occupational therapy in the state by various activities. (India)

54. Organize a walk within the city total number of participants 100 80 students the rest are practitioners (Kenya)

55. Atendiendo de forma gratuita ese mes a una senora tetraplejica. (Spain)

56. Jordan KSA New York , as an occupational therapy practitioners (Jordan)

57. Public lectures, school and childcare visits, on campus presence. 12 OT, 3 Students (Australia)

58. Information stand about OT, cakes for other staff members at service to help them understand OT and badges for OT’s to wear prompting the profession. (Australia)

59.I will be participating with my Rotary Club in a Purple Pinky Day event to help consumers better understand what is being done globally to eradicate polio. (USA)

60. Myself and another occupational therapist have collaborated with a social worker who is a djembe drummer, to organise an evening workshop of creative engagement in occupational therapy, within a locked rehabilitation unit for service-users diagnosed with learning difficulties. (UK)

61. Rehabilitating the less privileged. Applying my knowledge where possible, 2 occupational therapy students are performing (Nigeria)

62. One of my best friend’s partner, Tom, has Huntington’s Disease. He is dependent on others for all of his ADLs. As the disease has progressed, I’ve noticed that my friend and her siblings struggle with transfering and feeding Tom, etc. On October 27, 2012 there will be a walk in San Francisco to raise awareness and money for Huntington’s Disease. I have made a donation and plan to walk. After the event, my friend, her partner, and some family members will meet at my friend’s house where I plan to educate them on the aforementioned activities as well as talk about adaptive equipment, how to avoid burn-out, etc. There will be six-seven people present. (USA)

63. We plan to do the patronage to clients after a heart attack at home, and lecture in health center for nurses about occupational therapy. Both will take place in Kranj. (Slovenia)

64. Interview in local newspaper with colleague OT practitioner About OT and our new address after moving to new office -Letter to all general practitioners and their assistants in our town with information about new address, new prospects etc. (The Netherlands)

65. Donating blood at UNE (USA)

66. We are an organization that includes 42 student members and 2 faculty advisors. MCC OTA Student Life and Leadership Organization held a school wide drive asking for donations of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodarant, razors, dental floss, and lotion to create hygiene bags. The hygiene bags will be delivered on OT Global Day of Service to a local transitional shelter for the homeless, MCREST. Once the donations were all collected the organization was able to create over 100 individual bags of hygiene items. Each bag included one of the following items: soap, shampoo, lotion, razor, deodarant, floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shaving cream. (USA)

67. Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5K (USA)

68. Community Fest volunteer to provide young people with the opportunity to participated independently in play activities to pormote health and wellness through physical, mental and spiritual avenues through an interdenominational outreach event (USA)

69. Older driver safety day – AARP Older Driver Class and Carfit. 1 OT and 7 participants (USA)

70. My student research group along with our advisor will be participating in The Home Depot’s fire safety awareness event. Our role will be to provide the participants of the event with knowledge of the unique requirements of fire safety when it involves people (primarily children) with disabilities. This will be done through a tri-fold brochure and various activities at our station which will engage the public and begin a discussion. Our goal is to raise awareness that fire safety is not a “one-size-fits-all” task. (USA)

71. Pumpkin painting with the residents of a local retirement community (in the spirit of Halloween!). 9 MOT students. (USA)

72. Myself and another OT, organised an evening of creative engagement in occupational therapy, through the use of a drumming circle, for clients with learning disabilities in locked rehabilitation. It was incredible to see they way in which the drum encouraged those with low levels of confidence to engage in the group. It was a very successful evening and as promised I have attached a photo and the promotional poster we did. Unfortunately, I am unable to share the photo which includes the patients due to their forensic histories. I have also registered and put the information on your website.

Since doing the workshop, two patients now would like drumming lessons and we are going to incorporate “promoting OT” into our band 5 meetings agenda, so we can try and ensure we can plan and contribute to this event in the future too. (UK)

73. Raking leaves in South Portland as part of a local service project. (USA)

74. We participated in a CarFit day in Biddeford ME. We fitted cars to elders in the community. Approx 50 OT students were present (USA)

75. I plan to attend an activity filled day for the Down Syndrome Network in Portland, ME. As an OT student, we will run activities and games for children and adolescence that are living with Down Syndrome. There will be over 20 volunteers from the University of New England volunteering at this event. (USA)

76. I am volunteering to complete the CarFit Program at the University of New England Biddeford Campus. Other OT students (over 45 students) and I will check how well the elderly participant’s vehicles fit them. We will offer suggestions on how to modify their vehicle to allow optimal safety while driving. (USA)

77. The OT team of volunteers from the Montgomery County, MD Rebuilding Together affiliate will be doing our annual day of service by working on one of the homes that we have evaluated (home safety assessment). Our homeowner’s home environment is extremely cluttered which has affected her safety and ability to do some daily activities in the home. Our team will help her declutter and organize two rooms in her home to allow her be more functional and safe in the home. She will be an integral part of the team that day to ensure her investment in the process and encourage carryover to other rooms. (USA)

78. I will be helping at the Wings for Autism at Boston’s Logan Airport on November 3rd. This is a program offered to children with autism and their families to get them acquainted with the travel process and walk them through security checks etc. (USA)

79. I will be working at the Camp Sunshine Pumpkin Festival in Freeport, Maine. We will be carving pumpkins to line the streets and gutting out pumpkins for children and their families to carve. Camp Sunshine is a non profit organization where children with life threatening illnesses can go to vacation with their families because the camp provides medical care around the clock. (USA)

80. Planning and participating in the NAMI (national alliance on mental illness) OSU tailgate at Harding hospital. There are 16 students participating in the tailgate. We will be playing games, making crafts, and serving lunch all as part of an OSU tailgate. (USA)

81. Me and about 5 other students are volunteering at the pumpkin festival where proceeds go to camp sunshine. Camp sunshine provides free services to families and their children with life threatening illnesses in Maine. Also, next weekend another 5 of us students will be going to Boston Logan airport and volunteering to help simulate an airport experience for families with children who have Autism! (USA)

82. Face painting & Halloween crafts with refugee children (USA)

83. We are working with American Cancer Society and volunteering at the breast cancer 5k Making Strides. We will be at the finish line handing out water and snacks after the race to the runners. (USA)

84. is allowing anyone interested to access a course on our website for free on 10/27/12 and 10/28/12; and encouraging all OT’s to continue to ‘pay it forward’.

85. 1.Give examples of OT applications for common situations that can be of help to individuals in the community. Presentation to local learning group with applicant to OT school. 2. Circulate information for 22 OTA students to use in off-campus OT advocacy presentations. 3. Career day panel presentation on college campus. (USA)

86. Create & enable occupational opportunities with people who have been displaced: locally in Australia & globally in Kenya and online. GLOBAL begin fundraising to sponsor and partner with exiled journalists in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya to document the occupational experiences of people after displacement in their Kanere Refugee Free Press. LOCAL: Visit hardware store with friends with a displacement experience, and establish garden space to grow melon seeds their loved ones have posted from Iran. Also orientate Afghani friends with displacement experience to responsibilities and skills necessary as new board members for their new Incorporated Hazara Association. (Australia)

87. SRM College of Occupational Therapy in SRM University Chennai India is organising a seminar. With about 10 Occupational Therapist and close to 60 student (India)

88. Making Strides for Breast Cancer 5K (USA)

89. Community Fest volunteer to provide young people with the opportunity to participated independently in play activities to pormote health and wellness through physical, mental and spiritual avenues through an interdenominational outreach event (USA)

90. 1. Free workshop for OT clinical instructors & students, 7-9 Nov 2012, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University, Thailand (n = 30). 2. Free workshop for OT education for medical professionals, OT practitioners & students, parents, caregivers, and people with special needs/disability. Dec 2012 – May 2013 (n = 30). (Thailand)

91. Practicas clínicas en ÁREA LABORAL Educación -formación universitaria 100 alumnos (Argentina)

92. I will present a workshop to volunteers who teach for the National Alliance on Mental Illness at their Leadership Summit called “Self-Care and Stress Management: Guidance on promoting teachers’ well-being” (USA)

93. I will be doing voluntary work in an Autism center in Jerusalem Israel (Israel)

94. Volunteer in school (Pakistan)

How others served on February 25, 2012

  1. We are planning to organize a online chat about how OT students can use social media as part of their continuing professional development and to promote Occupational Therapy,
  2. “Inform students about new activities with the sensitization of the local community labor therapeutic services through writing articles”
  3. Maine Down Syndrome Network. Volunteering 4-5 hours helping with child care/activities while parents are attending seminars. As many as 20 students and 1 teacher/ OT practitioner.
  4. Graduate students (including myself) will be volunteering at the Southern Maine Down Syndrome Network in Portland, ME. There are a minimum of 20 students from the program participating in this day of service. Taken directly from the website the goal of this network is to; Maine Down Syndrome Network is a network of families, professionals, and community members living in the state of Maine, who share the common goal of promoting awareness and acceptance of people with Down syndrome.
  5. Via my website I will give detailed free advice on practical problems, within the scope of an occupational therapist.
  6. I´m a Brazilian OT student, of Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and I want to have an experience abroad to improve my experiences and make the difference to some (or many!) people. My practices in University and out of it are in childhood area, with clinical rehabilitation (some techniques like Bobath and SI), in territory and in special institutions jobs. I have practices in adult’s physical rehab, and this semester I will have practices in mental health in childhood. I would like to go to United States or Europe, if it is possible. Australia or Canada are good options too, and I know that OT is developed in this areas.
  7. Volunteering at the Maine Down Syndrome Network. Peers will be participating, approximately 20. One occupational therapy practitioner/professor.
  8. I facilitated OT student to provide the childcare for the Down Syndrome Network in Portland Maine. I also volunteered for the day by attending the conference and supervising the students. This allowed parents to attend their conference, while OT students gained experience playing with and organizing activities for children with Down Syndrome and their siblings.
  9. 20 UNE OT student, 1 practitioner, and I volunteer at the Maine Down Syndrome Network on 1/28 to support parents of children with Down Syndrome. Our childcare service allowed parents to take the time to better understand their children and how best care for them. The resources provided for the parents was exponentially beneficial for the quality of life for their children.

10. I plan on volunteering at the Maine Down Syndrome Network conference organizing providing childcare to 20 children with Down syndrome. By providing free childcare, this will allow parents to participate and learn more about their children. There will be about 10 OT students volunteering in the morning and about 10 OT students in the afternoon. I plan on staying for the whole day.

11. Volunteering teaching sewing at a local nonprofit called Sew Green.  The mission of the organization is to teach sewing to all ages as a mechanism for youth development, job training and consumer education.

12. I plan to attend the Maine Down Syndrome Network Conference to provide childcare services for children with DS and their siblings. Approximately 20 OT students and 1 OT practitioner attended.

13. “I plan to provide service at the Maine Down Syndrome Network with approximately 20 of my peers.

I also plan to provide servisce at the “”Freezin for a Reason”” Polar Plunge for Camp Sunshine in Portland Maine with approximately 10 of my peers.”

14. Volunteer at the Maine Down Syndrome network, watching children with down syndrome and their siblings while their caregivers attend presentations. This will be done with around 15 other occupational therapy students.


15. The service that i will going to provide is  to define/explain the main role of OT in every aspect in a medical institution/rehabilitation services.

16. School awareness on learning disability-early stimulation and intervention and awareness of OT treatment,,3 occupational therapists

17. I am doing home safety assessments for Rebuilding Together. This is a volunteer activity that goes on year round, but especially January – March.

18. Write a paper on a promising international initiative that OT’s should know about

19. Volunteer at the Cape Cod Challenge with one other occupational therapy student.

20. i’ve just scheduled to give in-service to the physicians and administrators regarding the role of OT in acute care.

21. Three occupational therapy students from the Boston School of Occupational Therapy at Tufts will be walking as part of a team at the Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraising walk.  Also on this team is one occupational therapy practitioner.  The remaining team members are family members of the occupational therapy practitioner.  The team has raised more than $2,500 which is going to the MDA and the walk will be a great way to pay tribute to the children and adults served by the MDA.

22. Salt Lake City Food Bank volunter from 7:30pm to 9pm on Feb 16, 2012

23. We are the first batch of student so we still learning

24. “Private practice,SHARING of flyers,which entails information of what occupational therapy is. participants 21.”

25. Maine Down Syndrome Network, Conference Volunteer. An annual conference for families with children with Down Syndrome, child care provided while parents and siblings attend workshops and information sessions to provide support for the children and families.

26. Down Syndrome Network watching children of families attending the Maine Down Syndrome Network,about 25 students.  Serving food to people in need at a local community cafeteria, Prebble Street Resources in Portland Maine.  Once a week me and one other student.

27. I can give service in Jerusalem, Israel for paediatrics but I don’t know the kind of service required

28. I’ll be sharing the OT perspective on the importance of play at the US Play Coalition from Feb 25 – 29.  This includes co-chairing a the team meeting on the importance of inclusive play for all children.

29. Participation in a public awareness campaign about service dog training.  We will be at our local shopping mall.

30. I plan on volunteering at the Maine Down Syndrome in Portland, ME. My role at this event will be providing childcare so parents of children with down syndrome can attend workshops and presentations by professionals in multiple fields who specialize in Down Syndrome. 30 OT students will be attending this event and 1 OT practitioner will be over seeing it all.


32. mall event with students from local university–students will display a table replicating OT/PT/ST/RT while a 2nd table of therapists will display clinical services available to the older adult-rehab/subacute/long term care etc

33. Clean up a playground park in Bridgeport, Ct with the Student OT Club members-approx. 40 students.

34. In our department premises

35. Cradles to Crayons, Boston MA on 2/1/12 from 10-12

36. Adaptive ski coaching through New England Disabled Sports (Loon Mountain NH). 10+ OT’s regularly volunteer.

37. Adopt a veteran day at the Pocatello Veterans Administration Hosptial.  We will be completing leisure and hobby activities with the clients at the facility for several hours that day.

38. We are planning to promote OT in our city center Idrija. 3 occupational therapists.

39. We plan to volunteer at the local nursing home and there will anticipate 10 students to volunteer.

40. Long-term volunteer at a faith-based organization providing therapeutic services to families and children with a wide variety of special needs.  I am the only Occupational Therapist on site at this time, although OT students have come to observe and learn with University faculty.

41. Food drive with MAOT

42. As people get older they find it more and more difficult to do certain self-care or household tasks. Elderly residents at Senior Citizen Apartments or Assistive Living Facilities often need simple adaptive equipment that will enable them to remain independent. However, they don’t need traditional therapy per se, but a consultation with an OT. I plan to provide adaptive equipment such as reachers, sock aids, buttons aids, etc. to elderly residents of Senior Citizen Apartment Complex who can not afford to buy them. These type of ADL aids are not covered under insurance, but can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

43. Companionship to a person with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, MS, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, and other conditions that limit community participation

44. Free community yoga class at the Lytle Creek Senior Center.  Lytle Creek, CA 92358

45. I will be working with approximately 20-25 OTA students from Penn State DuBois campus (DuBois, Pennsylvania)to collect “comfort items” and assemble care packages for veterans. The OTA students are inviting approximately 20 high school students from DuBois High School Life Skills class to work along side them to assemble the care packages (this will be the second event they have sponsored with these students).  The OTA students will then distribute these packages to veterans at the Erie, Pennsylvania VA.

46. Utah Food Bank, sorting and donating food.

47. I will assist with intial interviews at the Biddeford Free Clinic in Biddeford, Maine.  I will help with other administrative tasks and in any other capacity that is necessary.

48. I plan to provide a one on one treatment service for a child with sevfere Autism in their home.  It is a music and movement type therapy programme.  It takes one hour so I plan to do 2 sessions.

49. I dont know what they do there

50. I plan to work with S.O.T.A. at my School to help anywhere I can.

51. I am registering in behalf of the Occupational Therapy Association of the Philippines. We will be organizing a Free Lecture and Workshop on “The Role of Filipino OTs in Disaster Management” in response to the recent flood-stricken areas in our country, specifically Cagayan de Oro. We are anticipating around 20 participants who are willing to dedicate at least 2-3 days to travel to Cagayan de Oro after the training.

52. I will give a lecture on occupational therapy and stress management to a SINAWIK club, a womens Kiwanis group, free of charge.

53. For Global OT Day of Service, I will donate toys/ games to a local thrift tore here in NYC.  The toys will be selected for OT skill building value (for example, “operation” for pincer grasp and eye-hand coordination).

54. In the allied health center make promotion through using media and posters as applicable

55. Volunteer OT service for Rebuilding Together Denver Metro to develop and trial/pilot OT home assessment phone screening and in home assessment to be used for applicants; Initial program includes 3-4 OT practitioners to develop sheets and 2 OT practitioners to trial in home survey

56. I will be reading to and walking with a resident who is blind and resides in an elder housing unit in Portland, ME.

57. Fundraising for Camp Sunshine in Maine then doing the Polar Plunge.

58. “Location: Lubbock,TX Service #1: Cooking Supplies Drive for the Occupational Therapy Department at the Plaza & the Outpatient Occupational Therapy Department at the Neuroscience Institute.  We are collecting cooking supplies for 2 weeks that were specifically requested from each facility. These supplies will be delivered to the 2 facilities on Friday,February 24th for OT Global Service Day. The supplies include: -Cake frosting -Baking mixes (cakes, cookies, muffins, brownies, pudding, etc. – preferably mixes that call for water) -Simple box meals (pasta salad, mac and cheese, hamburger helper, etc.) -Jello mixes -Soups -Cupcake holders to fit inside pan -Disposable cake pans *Any simple non-perishable items and sugar-free items

Service #2: Our second service project is a Neighborhood Clean-up/Playground Equipment Safety Inspection on February 25th from 3:00-5:00pm.  We will be going to 2 parks in Lubbock, TX to pick-up trash and inspect the playgrou equipment for possible safety hazards/improvements.

We are recruiting all 36 SOTA members, as well as, our 2 sponsor professors to take part in 1 or both of the events.

59. I will be guest lecturing Medical College of Wisconsin’s sub-intern medical students at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on Feb 16, 2012 regarding client centered care of children from the perspective of an OT and mother of a child with a disability.

60. I will be helping a  bed ridden resident at a local nursing home adapt her computer and utilize Skype so that she can engage in meaningful social participation with her friends and family.

61. The Occupational Therapy program at Radford University is joining forces with Project Linus, a national non-profit organization that makes blankets for people in need. Faculty and students will be sewing blankets on 2/25 for toddlers to be donated to the local Project Linus chapter. We are anticipating approximately 25 participants.